Company Introduction
Based on 22 years of domestic engineering project service and 15 years of international trade experience, with an innovative business model of “foreign trade+domestic trade+project+factory+internet+big data+channel(customer)”, ADTO Business Union shares numerous customers and project resources with partners in the industrial chain. By forming a joint venture together, ADTO and its partners will develop global business hand in hand to provide customers with one-stop solutions covering land supply information, property development information, planning and design, housing finance, total package construction, construction/project materials, property sales, design/decoration, etc..
By 2025, ADTO will launch 100,000 joint ventures in total. By using the Internet, IoT, Big Data, and other technologies, ADTO will fully share all the potential consumers in the system with partners in the fields of real estate, construction, building materials, etc., and form a whole industrial chain ecosystem.
Our Advantages
1. Product price, delivery ability, quality, and competitive technology
ADTO products have advantages in price, delivery, and quality. Besides, our technology solution is customizable to satisfy customers’demands.
2. Satisfy customers’ demands for more products
ADTO is a one-stop building materials & equipment solutions provider. We cooperate with more than 1000 factories to satisfy your customers’ needs of construction project materials.
3.Competitive new products needs
200 joint ventures are expected to established every month in ADTO to meet your demands of new products.
4. You can get more distributors
ADTO can provide no less than 100 regional distributors within 1 year.
5. You will have more customer resources

(1) Resource 1: Exhibition

(2) Resource 2: Share the builders, developers, and project contractors in your area with you.

(3) Resource 3: Online marketing

(4) Share the customer resources in the building materials resources connection party with you.

6. You can get project orders with higher profits
ADTO will share the projects in your region and work with you to make more profits.
7. You will have a strong sales team
The Business Academy of ADTO can help you improve your sales performance.
8. Procurement fund and sales fund are risk-free
Regard honest and integrity as company’s core value, ADTO always ensure partners’ purchase funds and sales funds are risk-free.
9. No lack of operation fund
ADTO can provide financial services solutions and legal accounting services by our professional financial solution partners.
Cooperation Mode
We provide funding support service of orders for agents After we reaching a cooperative relationship, in the first three months, orders will be paid by the regular payment method. If your company has satisfied the agreed purchase amount for three consecutive months, our company will provide financial support service for 50% of the contract amount from the fourth month.
We will jointly invest in the registered company to serve local project’ customers. Meanwhile, our company will supply goods which value are double the registered capital.


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