Ringlock Scaffolding In 2020

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Ringlock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding introduced from Europe in the 1980s. It is an upgraded scaffolding product of cuplock scaffolding.

The standard with spigot is made from a Q345 material steel pipe with hot dip galvanized surface treatment. The spigot on the standard is designed with 8 holes. These eight holes are used to connect traverses and diagonal braces.


Ringlock scaffolding is widely used in general viaduct and another bridge engineering, tunnel engineering project, plant, elevated water tower, power plants, oil refinery.etc. And the support design of special factories, also suitable for the overpass bridge, span scaffolding, storage shelves, chimney, water tower, and indoor and outdoor decoration, large-scale concert stage, background frame, spectators stand, balcony, modeling frame, stair system, evening party stage, sports stand and other projects.

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1. Multifunctional. According to the specific construction requirements, construction equipment can be composed of a single row, double row scaffolding, supporting frame, supporting column, material lifting frame, and other functions. The vertical rod has the function of connecting any length according to 600mm modulus and also has the function of the butt joint, which provides convenient conditions for the use of special height size. Wheel and disc type multifunctional steel tube scaffold also provides technical support for the use of largely standardized formwork and for the hanging, installation, and fixation of new formwork.

2. Less structure, easy to build, and disassemble. The basic structure and special components, so that the system can be used for various structures and buildings. Only by three types of components: the vertical rod, horizontal rod, diagonal rod, which are all made in the factory, can maximize the problems of traditional scaffolding. Such as spare parts easy to lose and easy to damage. Ringlock scaffolding can reduce the economic losses of construction units and the maximum extent to prevent the traditional scaffold activity locking parts caused by unsafe hidden dangers.

3. The product has a high degree of economy, use more convenient, faster in use, only need to plug the two ends of the horizontal rod into the corresponding cone hole on the pole, and then knock tight can, the speed of the construction and the quality of the bond is traditional scaffolding can not be done. Its construction speed is the fastener steel tube scaffold 4-8 times, is the bowl buckle scaffold more than 2 times. Reduce labor time and labor remuneration, reduce freight to reduce the overall cost. The joint structure is reasonable, easy to operate, light, and simple. The weight of the upright pole is 6-9% less than that of the bowl buttonhole of the same length.

4. Large carrying capacity. Vertical rod axial transmission force, so that the scaffold as a whole in three-dimensional space, structural strength is high, the overall stability is good, the disk has a reliable axial shear, and all kinds of rod axis intersection in a point, the number of the connecting rod than the bowl buckle joint more than 1 times, the overall stability of the strength of the bowl buckle and scaffold increase by 20%.

5. Safe and reliable. The independent wedge is used to penetrate the self-locking mechanism. Due to interlock and gravity, the crossbar plug cannot be removed even if the bolt is not knocked down. The plug-in has the self-locking function, which can be locked or removed by pressing the bolt, and the contact surface between the fastener and the pillar is large, so as to improve the bending strength of the steel pipe and ensure that when the two are combined, the pillar will not appear askew. Wheel and disc type multifunctional steel tube scaffold vertical rod axis line and horizontal rod axis line vertical cross precision is high, reasonable force nature. Therefore, the bearing capacity is large, the overall steel degree is large, the overall stability is strong. Each pole is allowed to carry 3-4 tons. Diagonal ties are used in far fewer quantities than traditional scaffolds.

6. Good comprehensive benefits. Component series standardization, easy to transport, and management. No scattered component is easy to lose, low loss, and low investment in the later period.

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