Brief Introduction of Plastic Coated Steel Pipe

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Plastic coated steel pipe is also known as steel-plastic composite pipe, coating plastic steel pipe. On the base of steel pipe, it is a steel-plastic composite steel pipe that adopts PE(modified polyethylene) for hot-dip plastic or EP(epoxy resin) as the main anticorrosive raw materials, and fuses a layer of PE anticorrosive on the inner surface of the pipe or EP anticorrosive coating on the outer surface through spray, roll, soak and suck process.




Plastic coated steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance performance. At the same time, the coating itself also has good electrical insulation and will not produce electrical erosion. It features low water absorption, high mechanical strength, small friction coefficient, long life, and can also effectively prevent the destruction of plant roots and soil environmental stress.




1. Adapt to the buried and humid environment, and is resistant to high temperature and a very low temperature;

2. Strong anti-interference ability. If the coated steel tube is used as the cable jacket, it can effectively shield the signal interference from the outside;

3. Good pressure strength; and the maximum pressure is up to 6Mpa;

4. Good insulation performance; there will be no leakage phenomenon when using it as a wire protection tube.

5. Smooth pipe wall without burr, suitable for wire or cable during construction.

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