ADTO Won the "2022 China Ringlock Scaffolding Quality Brand" Award

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On December 28, 2022, 2023 China Ringlock Scaffolding Summit Forum was held in Shanghai. ADTO Group was invited to attend and won the two awards of "2022 China Ringlock Scaffolding Quality Brand" and "2022 Featured Brand of China Construction Industry  · Century-old Star · High-quality Material Manufacturer".       



With the theme of "Industrial Integration, Supply-demand Interconnection, Promoting the Stable Development of Ringlock Scaffold Industry", the forum shared and exchanged hot topics on the current macro policy environment, real estate development trends, infrastructure construction trend, opportunities and challenges, enterprise management and operation, new technology application, industry development situation, market trend of ringlock scaffolds, etc.        

A series of awards were presented at the conference. The winning companies were recommended by lots of building industry companies, associations, and users. ADTO Group, as a long-established enterprise in the scaffolding and formwork industry for more than 20 years, stands out with its excellent quality and sincere service, fully demonstrating its reputation and strength in the industry.           

ADTO Ringlock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding vigorously promoted by the nation, with high safety performance, strong bearing capacity, high efficiency, high turnover, and other advantages. It has been used in many key projects and favored by customers at home and abroad.       


In the future, ADTO will continue to pay attention to the latest development direction of China's ringlock scaffolding and quality management to jointly meet the new journey of the industry!       

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