ADTO Group and China Sixth Metallurgy Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Recently, ADTO Group and China Sixth Metallurgy Construction Co., Ltd. of Chinalco(hereinafter referred to as China Sixth Metallurgy) formally signed a strategic cooperation frame agreement, and the annual intended cooperation amount reached 1 billion yuan. Both parties agree to carry out the strategic alliance on the premise of voluntary, equal, mutual benefit, full share, and development to achieve a win-win situation.

China Sixth Metallurgy was founded in 1963 and headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan province, with a registered capital of 2.5 billion yuan. It is a large-scale construction group company focusing on the general contracting of engineering construction, covering equipment manufacturing, real estate development, and other businesses. 

During the negotiation process, the innovation ADTO Barter Model was highly praised by the representative of China Sixth Metallurgy. 

"Value exchange and value-added consumption" barter business model can create more value for customers and is highly compatible with the development needs of China Sixth Metallurgy. We look forward to establishing a close long-term and harmonious strategic partnership by the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, to achieve common development and common prosperity.

According to the actual business needs of both parties, both parties agree that:

1. ADTO Group and China Sixth Metallurgy jointly conduct operation cooperation on single or multiple projects introduced by both parties using their respective resources including but not limited to government investment attraction, project investment and financing, general contracting, subcontracting, building material supply, project marketing, etc;

2. ADTO Group will cooperate with China Sixth Metallurgy to undertake the general project contract. China Sixth Metallurgy will sign the contract and be responsible for the project implementation, and ADTO will provide the whole field cooperation support in the construction process;

3. ADTO provides the same quality and the most cost-effective construction equipment and materials for China Sixth Metallurgy ;

4. The annual strategic cooperation amount between the two sides is 1 billion yuan, including 600 million yuan for the subcontracting of professional engineering projects, 300 million yuan for the supply of engineering materials and equipment, and 100 million yuan for the sales of mortgage houses.

ADTO Group and China Six Metallurgy not only have a good cooperation basis, but also a broad space for development. The strategic cooperation between both parties is conducive to the integration of resources. ADTO Group is also looking forward to working with more construction enterprises to create a win-win situation.

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