ONYX Company and ADTO Group to Launch New Joint Venture Focused on Building Material

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After the meeting, Dr. Nawaf Alharbi visited ADTO International Exhibition Hall. Here he had a detailed understanding of the product parameters, production control, service life, and other information related to plywood, and had in-depth communication with the accompanying sales representative on issues of interest. He said that the quality of ADTO products is trustworthy, and its service and solution are very professional as well. Moreover, the trip boosts its confidence to work with ADTO. Then, the two sides have finalized the annual sales agent agreement on plywood products.

On July 21, the Onyx Export & Import Company formally signed a contract with the ADTO Group. Dr. Nawaf Alharbi would launch a joint venture with ADTO in Kuwait and set up offices in 7 countries in the Arab region to carry out strategic cooperation in engineering, construction, and other fields. 

With many years of experience in building materials, Onyx Export & Import Company is continuously recognized as a professional and reliable trading company, and it mainly supplies to the high-end residence, office, and hotel projects in the Arab region, gaining a good reputation and influence in the local area.

The strong alliance between Onyx Export & Import Company and ADTO Group will promote the development of the engineering materials industry in China and Arab countries, allowing more “made in China” products to enter into Arab countries and helping ADTO gain a foothold in Arab market to accelerate its global strategy. ADTO Group will also give full play to its resource advantages to help our partners grow a global business easily and create more value for them.

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