ADTO Has Achieved Strategic Cooperation with New Factories to Provide More Choices for You

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Since the launch of the innovative business model of ADTO, a large number of customer and project resources, and hassle-free cooperation mode has attracted many partners like real estate builders, material suppliers, and engineering service providers. Recently, ADTO has achieved strategic cooperation with C-Kingdom, Song Yang Electric, Ganxi Transformer, Qingan Electrical, etc.

Established in 1997, C-Kingdom has become a national high-tech enterprise integrating the manufacture of wire and cable, the research and development of Non-ferrous metal new materials, the intensive processing of copper and aluminum products, and the recycling economy of renewable resources. With Changsha Wangcheng District, Changsha Kaifu District, Guiyang Baiyun District Three Production Base, C-Kingdom has been awarded as Hunan Province Top 100 Enterprises, Hunan Province Top 50 Manufacturing Industries, Most Competitive Enterprises In China’s Cable Industry Top 100.



Songyang Intelligent Water insists on developing energy-saving, environmental protection, high-efficiency and economical water supply pressurization technology. The products cover non-negative pressure water supply equipment, non-negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment, single machine frequency conversion booster pump, frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment, pipe network superimposed pressure water supply equipment, deep well frequency conversion water supply equipment, photovoltaic water lifting system, complete sets of water supply and drainage equipment, fully automatic (production, life) water supply equipment, frequency converter, etc. It is widely used in various high-rise building water supply and drainage, secondary pressure pump stations, water plant automation systems, pipeline direct drinking water, HVAC circulation, sewage discharge, fire and other industries.

With professional production management experience, large-scale and efficient processing capacity, reliable product quality and high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, Songyang Intelligent Water provides a wide choice for the vast number of users, has won all walks of life the customer favor and the support.


The success of this cooperation marks another upgrade of ADTO real estate, construction, and building materials. In the future, ADTO will continue to give full play to its platform advantages, adhering to the multi-dimensional marketing concept of “Dedicated service to create more value for customers and exceed customer expectations” and the core values of “Integrity, innovation, sharing and win-win” to create 10% more value potential for each partner.

We also look forward to providing customers with more high-quality products and services and helping you manage projects easily!      

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